Download Itunes

How to Download and install iTunes

How to Download and install iTunes

iTunes software is developed by Apple Inc. It is both a media player and media library software, used to download, organize and play digital audio and video file on a computer running Microsoft Windows and OS X. Also with iTunes, you can be able to browse iTunes Store as you look for music video, music, audio books, TV Shows, podcasts, movies and movie rentals that you wish to purchase then download.

The latest version of iTunes is version 11.1.3. This powerful media player was developed back in 1999 by Bill Kincaid. It was known as SoundJam MP, and was first released by Casady & Greene. Apple Inc bought iTunes together with the leading developers from Casady & Green in 2000 and renamed it to iTunes and has since made amazing upgrades on it. Some of this improvement includes simplification of the SoundJam’s user interface, made it able to burn CDs removing its recording features and skin support. Currently iTunes can read, write and convert the following files: MP3, WAV, MPEG-4, Apple Lossless, AIFF and AAC.

iTunes Installations Steps

iTunes media player is one of the best media players currently available. It is a smart way of organizing your songs and video, easy access and gives you great ability to create playlist easily. The latest version of iTunes looks as follows:

1. iTunes is available for free from the official apple website, To download iTunes you need to visit that website and click on the “Download iTunes” icon shown below.

2. After clicking on the “Download iTunes” icon showed above, it will take you to the next web page of iTunes download which will ask you if you want to receive iTunes news, updates and special offers via email. If you so wish, you can provide your email address in the given field. If you do not wish to do so, you can proceed to downloading the iTunes directly by clicking the big “Download Now” icons shown below:

3. The next iTunes download page that will come, will have a “Thank you” message. This will thank you for choosing to download and use iTunes. A few moments after this page loading up, a setup file will appear prompting you to save the file in your hard disk.
4. You should click “Save File” button and start the processes of iTunes download. Once the download is successfully complete, run the program by double clicking it. This process will take the normal Windows software installation process, whereby it asks you if you are sure you want to install the software click on “Yes”.

5. Next, set the default language you are comfortable with e.g. English. Then accept the terms of services and let the software install. When the installation process is complete, it will prompt you to accept that it places a desktop shortcut and start the iTunes application when the installation has finished.

6. The first time you run the iTunes application, it will ask you for permission to scan the entire hard disk for audio and video files so that it keeps them in its library. You can opt for this option, or you can select to add specific audio and video files and folders to prevent the iTunes from having everything in your hard disk in its library.

7. At this stage you will be having a fully functioning iTunes player in your computer, and you can also get audio music, music videos, TV shows, movies and audio books from the iTunes stores.

From this point iTunes will be able to automatically update itself if and when Apple Inc releases a new version. With iTunes, you can better arrange your multimedia files for easy access, orderly arrangement and it also has a good appeal to the eyes.